CliniCruise software

Simple and flexible professional patient profiling system Complete medical record (Diagnosis – Complaints – analysis – scans ) Electronic prescription printing including doses Scientifically based drug database with automatic updates Automatic Drug - Drug interaction checking during prescription

CliniCruise software
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  • Healthcare professionals are busy individuals, handling large volumes of patients with various requests and problems. They not only need to be careful in providing consultation and treatment, but are also pressured by the increasing amount of daily recording and monthly paper work. These result in excessive expenditure of cost and time, going unnoticed. In this modern age, there is a simpler method of dealing with these issues. There is CliniCruise.

    Features and benefits:

    • Easy to learn and use – user-friendly layout.
    • Add and update your new patients including contact details and health information.
    • Easy to use reservation tool with the ability to manage multiple doctors’ appointments.
    • Professional patient profiling system including full clinical history.
    • Personalized medical template for every specialty (optional).
    • Ability to attach scans and images for every patient and review it any time.
    • Electronic prescription printing including doses in addition to prescription and dosage historical report.
    • Directly integrated with scanner, printer and fax.
    • Quick selection for treatment drugs inside prescription including price comparison.
    • Automatic Drug – Drug interaction checking during prescription.
    • Get a professional patient medical record any time + ability to print.
    • User log in with user name and password protection.
    • Allow to be accessed by multiple users with different access rights.
    • Data backup in order to save all your records and restore it any time.
    • Ready for networking options between doctors and reservation points.

    Online and on the site technical support.

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